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Hurrah for hand made!

As you may have noticed if you are a regular here at Binky Bristol, we hand print and hand finish each tee we make, a slow and involved process which takes up a lot of our time, especially if it doesn’t turn out as perfect as we would like…we reprint less than perfect tees and I have discovered the joys of unpicking and resewing labels!!  But we believe that the end result is worth it: a quirky and original tee.  It’s an interesting process because, even if we do a batch of three, each one comes out with its own personality and feel.  This is the true joy of hand printing and it is what makes it all worthwhile.  We imagine our tees going our into the world, being worn by babies and children and enjoying its own little life as an individual and unique tee!

We’re lucky enough to have met some other wonderful artisans who are also committed to producing high quality, handmade items.  We have sat together for many a happy hour, discussing how passionate we are about hand making our wares and the collision with the outside world when we realised that not everyone is committed to the idea of handmade as we are.  One thing is for sure though, handmade is the way forward in this current climate of mass production… now we just have to spread the word!  If anyone has any ideas then we would love to hear from you…

And introducing to you our friends that are committed to hand made:

The Homeless Button Society.  Emma makes beautiful hand made A-line dresses for toddlers.  She carefully selects original and unusual fabrics and hand makes each individual dress.  The attention to detail is stunning and the finished product is of the highest quality… (Emma is committed as I am to the ‘joys’ of unpicking in order to ensure that the highest quality possible is achieved). These dresses are designed to be washed and worn again and again and as they are made of 100% cotton they get softer and softer with each wash.  Our Binky tees share shelf space with Emma’s dresses in I Love Crafty and Jack and Rosie and for some reason they look lovely together, maybe it’s because they are both made with so much love and attention to detail.  The perfect combination!

Hart’s Bakery.  Laura hand makes a selection of breads and pastries every day of the week.  Using organic flour and French butter amongst other ingredients, this truly is a labour of love, requiring dedication, hard work and strength!  We are recent converts ourselves and there is no comparison between the bread that Laura makes and the mass produced loaves available in the supermarkets.  You can truly taste the love and care that goes into each loaf and this is what we would we would prefer to eat and to also give to our toddler.  Laura has her own bakery which is open from 8am to 1pm and also sells outside Planet Pizza on Gloucester Road on Saturday mornings.  Be warned though, once you try her bread or pastries, everything else will seem inferior!

I Love Crafty.  Laura hand makes an amazing selection of crafts, there seems to be nothing that she cannot turn her hand too.  Vintage is definitely the order of the day with Laura’s quirky and unusual creations, which include jewellery, candles and soaps.  She has also recently made an amazing range of draught excluders and cushions.  She makes everything by hand and I have a little bit of sewing machine envy over her amazing vintage Singer machine!  As well as presenting her work for sale, she also generously shares her space with other people who are committed to hand made, at I Love Crafty in Clifton village.  This is refuge for the hand made and the ideal place to find the perfect hand made gift!

The Christmas Steps Artisan Market.  The market and its organisers, Jayne and Brett, deserve a special mention in this post about hand made.  They have devised and run this amazing market and provide a unique space for artisans to show and sell their hand made wares.  Thanks guys for all your hard work and support – you are true champions of the hand made!

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